Literature review on lassa fever pdf

Results Establishment of a laboratory for molecular diagnosis of Lassa fever The laboratory was built in 2008 on the campus of isth. Creatinine and blood urea levels were strongly elevated in the fatal cases suggesting renal failure. The rainfall in Benin City is shown as a bar chart in the background in relative units (July 360 mm). Author Summary, in the past, diagnostic alphabet testing for Lassa fever patients in Nigeria has been performed nearly exclusively outside of the country. However, patients who had play a fatal outcome had.8C lower temperature (median difference) than those who survived (p.0001) ( Figure 3 ). (2000) Genetic diversity among Lassa virus strains. Carey de, kemp ge, white ha, pinneo l, addy rf,. Both effects led to a seasonal pattern with high Lassa fever incidence in the hospital from november through March (dry season) and low incidence from April through October (rainy season). Standard laboratory procedures were defined in a set of quality management documents. Indeed, nearly half of the fatal cases had normal axilliary temperature (35.5C37C) 48 and 75 had 38C. Body temperature was slightly higher for those who tested positive (p.003). Opal sm, girard td, ely ew (2005) The immunopathogenesis of sepsis in elderly patients. 19072 and finally with 400 µl of acetone (each washing step included vortexing with wash fluid, centrifugation for 2 minutes at maximum speed in a table top centrifuge, and removal of supernatant). Case management is thus mainly based on non-specific clinical criteria 14, 15 and in the worst cases, health care workers became infected while they treated patients without knowing they had Lassa fever. Lassa fever : a clinical and Epidemiological, review pDF

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literature review on lassa fever pdf

Pathogenesis of, lassa fever, read by QxMD

All pre-pcr pipetting was performed with filter tips. (1980) Clinical observations in 42 patients with Lassa fever. Materials and Methods Ethics statement The study was classified as a service evaluation and granted exemption from ethical review by the research and Ethics Committee of isth. In addition, it provides the basis for research involving the lassa fever patient and the optimization of the supportive treatment, including renal dialysis and intensive care. Lassa fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic illness; the virus is endemic in West Africa and also of concern with regard to bioterrorism. Sequences from fatal cases are marked with (F). (1973) A hospital epidemic of Lassa fever in Zorzor, liberia, march-April 1972. A fatal case

  • Literature review on lassa fever pdf
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Lassa fever in London, january 2009 - academia

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The cfr among Lassa fever patients was three times higher than the fatality rate among patients who tested negative for Lassa fever (p.0001 and negative patients were 10-times less frequently admitted to hospital than positive patients (p.0001). All sample manipulations were done behind a plexiglas shield. While this case definition is less sensitive, as it someone targets fatal cases only (the tip of the iceberg it may be more specific for Lassa fever than existing ones. Bull World health Organ 52: 523534.

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literature review on lassa fever pdf

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  • Literature review on lassa fever pdf
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    The absence of guidance documents to help the decision on necessity and scale of the trace back contributed to this variation. p p This article outlines the recommendations of an expert panel on Lassa fever.

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    Bausch dg, hadi cm, khan sh, lertora jj (2010) review of the literature and proposed guidelines for the use of oral ribavirin as postexposure prophylaxis for Lassa fever. Here, we review the published literature on the life cycle of Lassa virus with the specific focus put on Lassa fever pathogenesis in humans and relevant animal models.

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    Abstract views Pdf views Html views. Advancing knowledge significantly improves our understanding of Lassa virus biology.

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